Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell Didn’t Fail Us… We Failed Him

Passing blame and judgment is easy, especially in unfavorable situations. And that blame often falls on authority figures and people in position of power.

For years, the masses and media blamed President Bush and those in power for the state of the economy, unemployment, and even obesity. Now with Barack Obama in power, nothing has been changed but the people we place blame on.

Yet no one ever stops to think maybe blame lies in the corrupt system that's been in existence for decades, an unmotivated and under-qualified workforce, or people lacking self-control and nutritional education.

Rarely do people ever consider our current state is the result of our failures as a nation.

As Raider fans, we have always blamed Al Davis when our team struggles.

We have also blamed players like Jeff George, Aaron Brooks, Daunte Culpepper, JaMarcus Russell, and other QBs.

Yet rarely do fans ever consider to blame the team as a whole, the organization as a whole, or god forbid... Raider-Nation as a whole.

Everyone—from the fans who support (or don't support) their team, to all the players who don't produce, to Al Davis and the rest of the Raider front office.

JaMarcus Russell, as well as Al Davis, shares blame in the Raiders' struggles. But neither is the sole reason for the team's failures. That's why it's called a team.

Suggestions that the Raiders would have been in the playoff hunt without Russell, or without Davis, are all absurd.

Russell took a lot of heat from a comment he made suggesting that his receivers weren't on the right page and needed to do a better job. Some fans and the media then came out claiming that Russell was just immature and doesn't know how to claim responsibility.

Immature? Sure, some rookies entering the league this year will be older than Russell. He is still a young man; expecting Brett Favre- or Kurt Warner-like...

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