Oakland Raiders: It’s Just a Matter of Time To Get a Lombardi Trophy

You can say what you want, but I am going to say that it's just a matter of time before the Oakland Raiders play in another Super Bowl.

Here is a little data:

Chart of Appearances at the Super Bowls (Selected Teams)         Won Super Bowl New York Jets 1   1   Bears   2   1   Green Bay 4   3   Oakland Raiders 5   3   Steelers   7   6    

My intuition is strong in this article.  Let's just say that my indicators are in the arena of intangibles.

Since I believe in "time and chance," I believe that something good and unusual is getting ready to happen 2011.

Although I don't pay that much attention to fantasy football, I feel like having a little fun by saying that the Oakland Raiders ought to draft the prototypical wide receiver's grandson who is a powerful track star and senior in college. Who is this gifted athlete? Take a guess.

In my fantasy team, the grandson would join my favorite player, Jacoby Ford, and they would confound and confuse our opponents in 2011 with their agility, speed, and "natural and superior" football intelligence. Both would display the passion, aggression and almost perfect execution on the playing field that their forefathers exhibited.

Who is the "David" who can help us knock down our Goliath?

I can't tell you yet. When it's closer to the draft and when I check on this "Golden Boy," I will let you know later.

In my fantasy team, Jacoby Ford and the "Golden Boy" would take us to the Super Bowl, possibly, in 2011.

He and Jacoby Ford will develop at an accelerated rate and help the Oakland Raiders win the AFC Championship. Both of these guys would display intensity, integrity and accelerated development on the team.

Do your research? Who is the "Golden Boy," with the passion, gift, agility...

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