Oakland Raiders: Is It a Make-or-Break Year for Terrelle Pryor?

I have written many articles about Terrelle Pryor since the late Al Davis drafted him in the third round of the NFL supplemental draft. Why? Because when you look at our quarterback position, it is hard not to.

When the Raiders acquired Carson Palmer it seemed like another band-aid for the bullet wound that is the quarterback position. Palmer understandably struggled after sitting on the couch for half the season, but began to get some chemistry with his teammates toward the end.

Now it is a foregone conclusion that he is the automatic starter in 2012. If not because he is the best QB on the roster, because he is the highest-paid QB on the roster.

New general manager Reggie McKenzie and head coach Dennis Allen have verbally given their support to  Palmer. To their credit, Palmer is a good quarterback. He is definitely the pure pocket passer that every scout looks for in a prospect. His football IQ is nothing to sneeze at, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got into coaching when his career is done.

With all of those positive traits, I still am not convinced he can be the future of this organization.

Thirty-two is not exactly old, but you rarely see an organization build its franchise around a quarterback at that age. The only example I can think of is Kurt Warner, who had a Super Bowl MVP on his resume. No disrespect to Palmer, but he has yet to even win a playoff game.

This brings me to Pryor.

If you have read any of past articles on Pryor, you know I am a fan of his and believe he has the potential to be the future of this franchise. Despite my optimism, I am going to do everything I can to give an unbiased opinion.

McKenzie and Allen both have given a vote of confidence to Palmer, but there is something about their delivery that says otherwise. It is kind of like they are saying "Yeah, Palmer is a good quarterback, but we are not exactly ecstatic a...

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