Oakland Raiders: Is Al Davis Interested in Taking the Raiders Back To LA?

It's merely just a rumor, but according an NBC sports article, Al Davis has stated that he would apparently listen to offers regarding a potential move back to the Los Angeles Area.

This statement was made by Paul Guiterrez of CSNCalifornia on Pro Football Talk. Though he admits the notion is far fetched and driven by Davis' desire to get a new stadium for the Raiders, the opportunity cannot be denied.

Although the Raiders have obviously already moved to LA and back what would it mean were they to undertake another move?

It is clear that the Raiders were prefer a new stadium and if Los Angeles were to offer one, it would be difficult for Davis and the Raiders to turn down. It would grant the Raiders a high end place to play and it would return the NFL to LA, something the region has been missing since the Raiders re-relocated back to Oakland in 1995.

Besides a new stadium a potential move would open the Raiders up to a much larger market, one they would not be forced to share with the San Francisco 49ers. The fan base, while active in the Bay Area, also continues to exist in Southern California as well. It would seem, were they to move, that the Raiders would enjoy better attendance numbers. These would be due to both the new stadium and the larger market.

The potential backlash is enormous, however. Davis already soured Bay Area fans with the initial move in 1982 and did the same to LA fans in 1995. Considering the underwhelming performances over the past decade the number of committed fans might continue to dwindle as Davis plays with fans heartstrings.

As of now, this is still purely in the rumor stage and it is too early to begin pressing the panic button or determining who to blame (AL DAVIS). What can be taken is the fact that the Raiders are still and will probably always be one of the most entertaining teams to follow both on and certainly off the field.

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