Oakland Raiders in Week 2: By The Odds, Looking For The Win

Ok, Week 1 went as expected.

A Week 1 loss occurred, predicted, by most fans. Hey, more than a few of us would have loved a Week 1 win, but odds were not exactly in our favor.

However, a week two tilt against the Rams might be just what the Raiders need to get the season rolling, starting at home.

Some people might think that this is a bit risky, considering that the Raiders looked pretty shell-shocked in the blowout loss, but those people also forget what Oakland was facing in Week 1:

Chris Johnson, fresh off a 2,000-plus yard season.

Playing in Tennessee, in front of a hostile crowd.

Dealing with some random injuries, without Chaz Schilens or Michael Bush.

For the Raiders, there are others that may or may not miss Sunday's game.

Richard Seymour is still not certain, or is Robert Gallery. For Gallery, he's the best offensive lineman we have, and the hardest to replace. For Richard Seymour, more was done to our offense to develop it in the draft and in free agency, so him being out may cause some loss...but it should be made up for by the coaching.

What also helps, is considering who we will be playing against.

The St. Louis Rams, who have seen a painful drop, won a single game last year. Sam Bradford, while a No. 1 overall pick, had three interceptions last week against the Cardinals.

Not exactly Vince Young in the pocket—but then again, the Rams do have a decent running game, when healthy. But all those yards did not bode well for the Rams last year either, leading to the removal of their old quarterback, and allowing the team to pick up Sam as the overall No. selection.

How many want to see how many mistakes Sam throws to Asomugha?

Good luck to the Raiders. I hope to see a good, blowout win at home, and Asomugha, Lamarr Houston, and Rolando McClain introducing Sam to the Black Hole.

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