Oakland Raiders in Need of Resurrection

The Oakland Raiders need a resurrection of their historical position of leadership, respect and glory in the NFL.

What tradition are you practicing this weekend? One that many are celebrating is called Resurrection Sunday.

As a life application, it is a day when people and things are redeemed. It is a day that symbolizes the rebirth of the earth and all that is contained therein. It can certainly symbolize our desire to see the resurrection of a team that once gave us many consecutive victories and sports records.

What did you put in your basket as a symbol of this celebration? As a member of the Raider Nation, I am hoping for a rebirth of the Oakland Raiders.

A rebirth of the passion to win needs to rise up, immediately or especially during this season when new talent is being selected. The new talent and those who are senior players are expected to enhance the performance of the franchise in 2010 and beyond.

The basket pictured contains a bag from the Professional Football Hall of Fame. So this basket represents the Raider Nation's desire to have more than about 13 members of the Hall of Fame. We want more!

The three eggs which were purchased in Moscow, Russia, in 1993 are to symbolize the rebirth that we need in the leadership, first; the team, second; and the value of the franchise, third.

The basket is symbolic of a football similar to the shape of a Vince Lombardi Trophy. We want at least two more of those trophies in possession of the Oakland Raiders.

Well, we have made our wish.

And, we hope it is not wishful thinking, but sound thinking backed up by powerful and productive performance on the playing field in 2010.

Yes, fill your basket with the desires of your heart.

The desire of some of our hearts is to see the Oakland Raiders being transformed and resurrected from the "death of losses," to become a team that g...

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