Oakland Raiders in a Victorious Place Socking It To the KC Chiefs- We Won!

Sometimes when a man gets in a street fight, he just wants to put "a hurting" on his opponent.

Not only will the Oakland Raiders be fighting to maintain their pride, the Kansas City Chiefs will certainly be trying to do the same. After all, if the Oakland Raiders defeat the Chiefs, the Chiefs are going to look real "lame."

Historical snapshots tell a story.,

  Kansas City Oakland Raiders differential   2000 7   12   5       6   10   4       8   11   3       13   4   -9       7   5   -2       10   4   -6       9   2   -7       4   4   0       2   5   3       4   5   1     2010 10   7   -3       80   69   6 out of 11 = 54 percent Now, one writer posted his story on the Oakland Raiders page. He boldly says he wants Kansas City to put the Oakland Raiders in "their place." He talked like the Oakland Raiders place is a low place.

"It ain't necessarily so" is what some of us have to say.

The Oakland Raiders "place" in 2010 has been to "break streaks." So, get ready "Teddy" for the streak of winning in your home stadium is about to be broken.

Why? Because we say so, that's why.

Are you so sure that Kansas City Chiefs are going to beat the Oakland Raiders down? Some of us don't think so.

Fifty-four percent of the time the Oakland Raiders had an equal to or better seasonal record than the Kansas City Chiefs during the selected period of this research for the past 11 years.

Even in 2008 and 2009, the Oakland Raiders had a better win-loss record.

Kansas City will put their starters out there on the field trying to show off in Arrowhead Sta...

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