Oakland Raiders: If JaMarcus Russell Hit Rock Bottom, He, Too, Can Move Up

Recently, a couple of young Oakland Raiders showed signs of trouble in their lives. Do you wonder if these guys have older, wiser men in their social circle who could share wisdom with them? Or, is it that when young men are strong, rich, and gifted, they refuse to listen to wise counsel.

It seems that too many NFL players are experiencing legal problems. Would a stronger support system help this generation of NFL players avoid pitfalls and temptations?

After seeing the article reporting that Tony Dungy accompanied Michael Vick to a prison so that they could talk to the men in prison, I was impressed.

I thought about the fact that more men like Tony Dungy should take time to flank and attempt to be available to some of the young NFL players. If so, then perhaps fewer players would yield to the many temptations in the lifestyle of the young, rich and famous athletic stars.

In this country, rehabilitation is an option. Is it possible that more emphasis should be placed on preventative measures for “life” coaching of these young, instant millionaires? Even if there are more people like Tony Dungy, would more young men listen before they make decisions that cause them to hit rock bottom?

Some believe that certain lifestyles are only changed after a man or woman hits “rock bottom” and truly gets  “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired."

What do you think?

Some of us hope that folks like Rolando McClain and even Mario Henderson would be disciplined enough to avoid further controversy in their lives or careers.

Furthermore, even JaMarcus Russell can have a transformative experience and rise up again since he is still a young man.

One thing is certain: a mentor might be able to help Russell, Henderson, McClain and others. So far, it seems Vick has undergone a transformation. Let's hope he and others stay the cours...

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