Oakland Raiders: Hustling and Pimping The NFL For Money Is Not Acceptable

Sometimes folks use slang that I have never heard. A term popped up today in the comment strand. It triggered the image of a "hustler." The trigger was the phrase "not stepping up in the game."

Here is a definition of hustle:

Hustle, to use a gambling technique in which a player hides his/her true skill. While betting on billiards games this is used  to trick the opponent into significantly raising the stakes. At this point, he begins playing at full capability (or in a broader usage, engaging in a similar strategy when betting on other activities). Street hustle: To act as a male prostitute and/or pimp. In a broader usage a grifter, or, in hip hop culture, someone who gets by in life any way that they can  

My question is, Are some of the Oakland Raiders not putting their heart into the game? Playing like they want a championship? If not then are they hustling the Oakland Raiders for the money and personal fame? Rather than making a solid investment in the image and future of the franchise?

Now that you have read the definition of "hustle." Do you wonder if some of the players are hiding their true skills? Are they betting on a situation in order to trick the opponent (or owner) into significantly raising the stakes? And then, and only then, playing at full capability?

These are hard questions, but we need to ask them. Why would the young Oakland Raiders not step up and perform or "goof up" like some of them did on Sept 12?


Another concept is to be examined. Are some of the players just playing well enough to get by, with minimum risks?

The reason why these concepts are being looked at is some folks in the comment strand think that the young Oakland Raiders are just not stepping up.Others think the players are avoiding the most aggressive responses on the playing field in order to just hang in there and to keep getting their paycheck.<...

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