Oakland Raiders: Hue Jackson Has Already Changed the Culture in Raider Nation

For the last seven years going into the 2010 season, the Oakland Raiders were known as the most dysfunctional franchise in the league. Raider Nation was known as the place for a washed-up player to go and collect one final paycheck.

Former Raider defensive tackle Warren Sapp said, "There's some stuff goin' on over there that shouldn't happen."

Former Raider defensive back DeAngelo Hall has spoken of why top free agents shouldn't get sucked into the Black Hole.

The Randy Moss debacle sure isn't a case for the Raiders, as he became a Hall of Fame receiver once again after leaving Raider Nation.

Moss once said, "If they don't know how to use me right, they should let me go somewhere else."

That tells us that it is more about coaching and management than anything.

Many said, "The Raiders need a better staff of coaches, but no good coordinator or coach of any type will ever go to Oakland. Al Davis interferes too much, so a respected coach of any kind would never go there. That place is for a coach who just needs to add experience to his resume." 

Davis does get into things a bit but his "interfering" is very overrated. Most of the "interfering" throughout the history of the Raiders has been when the team wasn't winning and it was his opinion, not the final word.

Just remember it was Tom Cable's decision to bench Jason Campbell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski after Campbell's win streak ended. What happens when you go against Davis and don't at least make the playoffs is another thing.

Enter Hue Jackson.

Cable was a simple stop gap coach until Davis could hire the offensive mind that he wanted. Jackson appeared to be that guy, so Davis hired him as an offensive coordinator to prove himself worthy.

Now the Raiders have a head coach who is widely respected around the league.

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