Oakland Raiders: Hue Jackson Got All the Credit, Tom Cable Got the Shaft

Every year in Raider Nation Al Davis makes decisions that cause the average fan wonder, "what is he thinking?  Is he thinking at all?"

Whether it's a questionable draft choice, (Darius Heyward-Bey and JaMarcus Russell come to mind) or the hiring of an inexperienced coach like Lane Kiffin, this is a recurring theme in Oakland.

This off-season, Davis fired head coach Tom Cable after Cable gave the team their best season since 2002, the first sweep of the AFC West division in team history and the first non-losing season in nearly a decade.

Some fans in Raider Nation are applauding this move, others (including this writer) are very disappointed.

Even some of the players have spoken out against this move. Shane Lechler was quoted voicing his displeasure with this move:

"I just want to know what the hell's going on, I just want to know ... how do you justify firing somebody when you just went 6-0 in the division and 8-8 in the season after we put in so much as a group, as a unit, as a team with our leader being Tom Cable, how do you just go ahead and whack this guy with, I mean, no reason?"

If the perennial Pro Bowler/team leader is this angry about losing Cable, what is the feeling about it from the rest of the team? This is very disconcerting for a lot of fans.

In this slide show, I will discuss where unearned credit was given to Hue Jackson, where blame was placed on Cable unfairly, as well as make cases for a few people that should have been fired before Tom Cable.

Agree or not, I hope you enjoy the show...

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