Oakland Raiders: How Would It Feel To Be a Champion in the AFC West?

Nothing is impossible. The timing is what makes the difference.

When I started writing about the Oakland Raiders I thought it would make sense to research a college team as well. Most of my students are interested in both college and professional football.

The Oakland Raiders are my favorite because of the historical composition of the team, and the fact that the owner is a man who will run toward a vision and take a few risks. Some of us live vicariously as others who are leaders step out to open doors of opportunity for others.

One day while sitting in the lobby of the Martin Luther King, Jr. building at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, I was writing an article about the Oakland Raiders. A couple of big guys walked by me and I shouted out, "Are you on the Texas Southern football team? They answered yes, and I quickly pulled out a Galaxy phone to get a digital picture.

Since that day, Texas Southern has won a SWAC championship. I wonder, "How does it feel to be a champion in your division?" Also, "How would it feel for the Oakland Raiders to at least win the championship in the AFC West?"

Now as I write this article I can truthfully say that TSU knows the feeling of victory. Our beloved Oakland Raiders must fight hard to join them in a similar feeling; a feeling of victory at least at the first level of the struggle to reclaim glory in the NFL.

So many trolls are popping up and talking trash these days. They attempt to discourage. Well, let's teach them a lesson somewhat like one I read in literature years ago.

It goes something like this.

When you are thrown down to the ground, you get back up. Again, when your opponent throws you to the ground, you get back up, again. Why? Because you can draw strength and power from a low place. You become mightier when you are thrown down. It drives you. Passion arises in you. You get a "rush" from being knocked down...

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