Oakland Raiders: How Much Optimism Can Be Taken From Win at Dallas?

The much anticipated debut of the 2010 Raiders was not a disappointment if you were looking for an exciting game. 

The Raiders, led by Kyle Boller and Michael Bennent, sparked a fourth quarter comeback victory by scoring 17 points in the last five minutes. 

But in the pre-season, winning isn't everything.  There is more focus on player performances and position competitions. 

Jason Campbell completed 7 of 12 passes for 49 yards with no touchdowns or picks.  Not great, but rebuilding has to start somewhere. 

Campbell admitted that, "Its the first time in five years that I had pre-game jitters." 

Oakland's run defense looked much better.  The Cowboys first team running plays went for gains of: one, two, five and two. 

But it was Oakland's pass defense that looked sloppy as both Tony Romo and Jon Kitna completed a majority of their passes, but Nnamdi Asomugha played only one series and had a pass defensed.

So how much optimism can be taken from this win?

Well, winning is winning.  Players feel good after a win and the Raiders are in the midst of changing the culture (Tom Cable's top priority) and a victory to kickoff 2010 builds on the optimism that has built over the off-season.

Let's not forget that last year the Raiders beat the Cowboys 31-10 in their first game and that was followed by a 5-11 season.

Overall, I don't think there is much to be excited about on offense.  Kyle Boller won't be playing in the fourth quarter against third stringers on September 12th against the Titans.

But the way the defense played (great) the Raiders just need a few improvements on offense before they are contenders.

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