Oakland Raiders: How Can Bill Musgrave Get Most out of Offense in 2015?

The Oakland Raiders are in the midst of one of the most exciting periods in the team's recent history. Hopes are high, but that’s true every offseason. The difference is that, this year, there’s good reason for it.

Much of this is excitement is due to the rebuilt and dangerous-on-paper offense. The Raiders have a running back on the verge of becoming a real impact player, a deep wide receiver corps that combines youth and experience, dangerous tight ends, a solid all-around offensive line and an exciting second-year quarterback to lead the way.

Of course, none of that will mean anything if the play-calling and overall offensive game plan aren’t good enough to make the most of this young and talented group. In 2015, the responsibility for leading the Oakland offense goes to new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.


Starting Lineup and Key Reserves

While there are some position battles that'll take place in training camp, such as at right guard, right tackle and running back, this is the unit we'll most likely see starting the upcoming season.

Along with the starting 11, Musgrave will have three key reserves to work with.

With this core of players on offense, Musgrave has enough talent and versatility to implement his uptempo game and turn this into an exciting and efficient unit.


Key Offensive Players

The 2014 season was not a flattering one for the Oakland offense. The unit showed some flashes, but it was frustratingly ineffective overall.

There isn’t a track record of success for Musgrave to build off of. But what he does have is plenty of talent to work with. No matter where you look along the Raiders’ offense, the talent is there to be successful.

In 2015, Musgrave has to feature Derek Carr, Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper. They are the o...

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