Oakland Raiders Host Seattle Seahawks On Halloween: Just Win Baby!

The day has arrived!

This has been a long seven years for the Raider Nation. But it ends today. No more false dawns, no more building for the future, no more learning lessons and moving on, no more harping back to Barrett Robbins going AWOL and losing a Super-Bowl.

Forget Randy Moss and Warren Sapp. No more cursing the waste of talent that was JaMarcus Russell. No more worrying about injuries to Chaz Schilens or Louis Murphy. No more fretting at officials for duff calls.

All these are excuse why we might lose—let’s have some reasons why OAKLAND IS GOING TO WIN!

Led by Rolando McClain, Tyvon Branch and Mike Mitchell, the Raiders are going to put some hurt on the Seahawks. Nnamdi and friends are going to lock down the defensive backfield and Richard Seymour is going to lead the pursuit of Matt Hasselbeck.

On offense, Darren McFadden is leading the league in average yards from scrimmage per game (150.0) and in tandem with Michael Bush they are going to make Seattle stack the box on every play. Zach Miller is going to show why he is going to the Pro Bowl this year. And with their hands full with TEs and RBs, the Seahawks are going to be wide open down the field for Oakland’s speedy receivers to make plays—let’s cut it loose.

The NFL is a results business and today the Raiders are back in black. But last week’s result against the Broncos does not matter; next week’s game against the Chiefs can wait. The bye-week is light-years away. All that matters is the Seahawks today at the Coliseum.

Let’s have no doubts from the Raider Nation. The Black Hole needs to be a Halloween hell hole. The Raiders are going to win. Don’t just think it; don’t just wish for it and certainly don’t expect it—just believe. Believe in Coach Cable; believe in Hue Jackson; believe in John Marshall. The offense will score early and often; the defense w...

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