Oakland Raiders: Hiring Al Saunders As Offensive Coordinator Is a Great Move

Just as expected, Al Saunders was hired as the Oakland Raiders new offensive coordinator. This is a great move by Hue Jackson and the Oakland Raiders.

Saunders will not be calling the plays, but he will make sure the offense can execute Jackson's system and he will help with the game plan against other teams.

Saunders was with the Ravens the last two years and has had experience working with Jackson and quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell is the Raiders quarterback of the future, according to Al Davis. Davis thinks highly of him and having Jackson and Saunders will be a tremendous help for Campbell.

Campbell recently said in an interview that he's never felt this good about his situation on and off the field. 

"It feels good just to see Mr. Davis go on TV and express how he feels about me as a quarterback," Campbell told the Post. "Just to have him in your corner, to have an owner in your corner, is just a great feeling. And to have guys embrace you and make you feel welcome ... and just the season we had. 

"You know, Oakland has been through some rough times. And for us to go out this year and to become a team that's getting that respect again, a team that has young players with a bright future, it's an exciting time. It's an exciting time in my life, career-wise and off the field." 

The Raiders need Campbell to take the next step, and they have surrounded him with great coaches. Jackson has been a quarterbacks coach before and having Saunders work with Campbell for the second time in their careers is a great move.

Now the Raider Nation is anxious to see who will be the next defensive coordinator.

In an interesting tweet by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer, he said the Raiders could be looking at someone who can bring in an aggressive 3-4 defense. 

If that is true, the Raiders may be trying to mixing it up next season. That could play a...

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