Oakland Raiders Heading in the Right Direction?

Seeing how everyone is spewing out articles like crazy, I thought i'd join in on the fun. And write my very own first article.

Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable is returning for his third year as head coach, witch is a good sign, because the raiders need continuity. He admitted he's not suited for play calling duties, so the play calling duties were handed over to Hue Jackson, and he has proven success in creating solid quaterbacks in the NFL—Carson Palmer, Joe Flacco, both great QBs.

Though his track record as an O-Coordinator isn't very impressive, at least it's his field of play, anything besides Tom Cable calling plays is an upgrade. With Hue in it gives Tom more time to focus on his gig...witch is coaching offensive linemen helping them understand there roles in our zone blocking scheme. sounds good so far..dont you think?

JaMarcus Russell is reportedly getting into shape and working on his mechanics. I myself find this hard to believe, but if he is starting to wake up and smell the coffee, then I support him. If not Bruce should be handed the reigns, and we'll see what he can do.

He has something Russell doesn't have, and that's attitude—a passion to win. You see him bouncing around yelling at people to hurry up, while Russlle waltzes on back to the huddle like nothing really important is going on. I hope he works on that too.

While Louis Murphy and Heyward-Bey as rookies getting a full year of play in should improve them both this upcoming season, especially Murphy, our WR core should be better this year. They also Raiders need to address both sides of the line, the whole right side of the O-line needs to be replaced.

We need a Mo Collins and Lincon Kennedy back up there. And a nice pickup for DT. With a big DT, Morrison's play should improve, along with Howard's in the run game with a big guy clogging up some lanes.

Giving lots of attention to the O-Line and D-Line and wi...

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