Oakland Raiders Head-To-Head With the Denver Broncos Looks Good

Tensions are building up. The only way some of us know how to relieve the tension is to do some type of creative work. So, digging through the NFL data and discovering more patterns and facts are what some of us do.

Look at this and grimace or smile, depending on whose side you are on:


  Total points Oakland 2121 Broncos 1941  

In a head to head comparison over the entire history of the competitions between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos, the Raiders have scored more points.

Another observation is evident in this table.


  wins avg Oakland 56 0.577 Broncos 41 0.423

Again, Oakland has more wins in the head to head comparison. And, the Oakland Raiders average exceeds that of the Broncos.

Lately, some folks post on the comment strand and bluff and brag about their team.

They fuss, cuss and talk stuff. All we ask is that they back up their debate with facts. It's sort of like the old lady who asks, "Where's the beef?" in a hamburger advertisement.

So, "Where's the beef in your debate, the facts, the data?"

Enough said!  

Go Raiders!


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