Oakland Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson: Bold, Brash and Takes Responsibility

Players and fans alike have to love the new attitude that has emerged in the East Bay via the Oakland Raiders’ new head coach Hue Jackson

Fresh off a 28-0 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it's easy to point the finger at Jackson and say that the Carson Palmer trade and the who will start drama was a distraction and he didn't have the team ready.

Save your breath—he will most likely say it himself.

Jackson does what he pleases and doesn't seem to answer to anyone but himself.  He will go for it on fourth down without even blinking. Heck, he has done it in Raider territory, for crying out loud (see Cleveland game).

Game in and game out, Jackson seems to add a new wrinkle on offense, special teams or wherever he thinks it will give the team an edge. If a play is called and goes wrong or is not executed correctly, it’s only one man’s fault, according to Jackson—his!

On Sunday against the Chiefs, Jackson pulled the plug early in the third quarter on quarterback Kyle Boller in favor of newly acquired Carson Palmer.  Palmer clearly wasn’t ready. 

“Carson Palmer didn’t lose the game, Kyle Boller didn’t lose the game, Coach Jackson lost the game,” said Jackson at Sunday’s post-game press conference.

On Sunday it was the players throwing the picks; it was the players who couldn’t get off the field on third down. This doesn’t mean a thing to Jackson. He takes full responsibility.

“We lost. I did not get this team truly prepared to play to win,” said Jackson.



The fiery coach doesn’t back down an inch when asked to take responsibility for a loss.  On Sunday he was asked directly if the team was ready for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

“Obviously we weren’t,...

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