Oakland Raiders Have to Show Raider Nation That They Can Scare the Seahawks

The spirit of most folks in the Raider Nation is high.

Sunday's game is on Halloween, a day when folks like to scare each other. It makes sense, then, that the Oakland Raiders are to muster up some of their scariest moves and strategies to strike fear and "beat the mess" out of the Seattle Seahawks.

Feathers should be flying across the field. Scared birds usually flutter so fast they lose a few feathers.

Of course, some folks in the Raider Nation are afraid that the Raiders are going to let them down.

Since it has been a long time since the Raiders have won two games back to back, the fans are on edge as they prepare for Sunday's game in their Halloween costumes.

The Oakland Raiders must pull it off, and defeat a pack of birds. Feathers ought to be flying, birds ought to be squawking and Raiders ought to balk at the idea of losing. In other words, they obstinately refuse to be defeated on Halloween.

The Oakland Raiders need to play ball so hard that the Seahawks have visions of Frankenstein or the Boogie Man coming after them.

Do you remember the Boogie Man when you were a child? You would cover your head, and get in a fetal position, while tears rolled down your face as you stayed motionless.

That was a scary moment during your childhood, and the Oakland Raiders must create that moment for the Seahawks.

Go Raiders, go!

Note: Thanks to Rabbit and his beautiful dog, Niko, for their inspiration for this article.


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