Oakland Raiders Have To Finish What They Started and Out-Think the Jaguars

Will the older team defeat the younger team which was established in 1995? Why not?

The Jacksonville Jaguars started in 1995, while the Oakland Raiders were established in 1960. If some things get better with age, like fine wines, then the Oakland Raiders ought to be better than the Jaguars. What do you think?

A glance at some of the data in 2010 yields the following pattern:

Oakland   L W L L W L W W W L L W 14 Jaguars  W L L W W L L W W W L W -43  

Both teams won their most recent game. Perhaps the Oakland Raiders' defense is better than that of the Jaguars. Why? The point difference for the Oakland Raiders is positive while that of the Jaguars is negative.

It seems the Oakland Raiders are not letting their opponents get to the end zone when compared to the Jaguars. Overall, the Jaguars have a better win-loss record in 2010. The Jaguars are 7-5 while the Raiders are 6-6.

Going back to the basics, we simply want back-to-back victories and, of course, to make it to the playoffs. Is that too much to expect? Absolutely not!

Go Raiders! Shock the Jaguars and the haters who can't stand the fact that things are looking brighter for the Oakland Raiders.

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