Oakland Raiders Have Put a New Song In Our Heart: What Do You Have To Say Now?

When you have been down and out for a while, it takes a pinch on the arm to make certain you are not dreaming.

The game in which the Oakland Raiders stomped the Denver Broncos will be remembered as the Hundredfold Bowl.

Folks are smiling and  puzzled as they greet you in the Raider Nation. The self-esteem of the Raider Nation just went up on the scale.

Darren McFadden played with a lot of heart and soul. It was teamwork out there.

Everyone was finally using a synergistic model that worked. They were tuned in to each other. There was harmony and a lot of slick moves.

The Oakland Raiders shattered the focus of the Denver Broncos. There is no doubt about it. The Broncos were hit so hard that they had a traumatic experience.

They probably thought, What the heck happened to the Oakland Raiders? Where did all of that smart energy come from?

You can be sure the egos of the Broncos dropped to a nadir, a low, low place. Their fans were making loud noises, the kind that are not pleasant. There were "boos" and there was an audible sign of surprise and disappointment.

The performance was so surprising that one BR writer thought the Raiders were experiencing some type of Irish luck. Others thought it was magic. Others attributed the success to witches in a classical piece of literature.

I could have missed it in my reading but did anyone think that it might have been "hamsa or chamesh," the hand of God intervening in the Oakland Raiders situation.

The game was so phenomenal that the Raider Nation should give it a name.

What would you call it?

Don't you agree that is was better than some of the best games you have seen in this decade?

Darren McFadden and the Oakland Raiders put a new song in our hearts. If names have significance then note that "Darren" means "great one."

So, Darren, the Great, played b...

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