Oakland Raiders Have Passed the Test and Are Better Than the Best

Are you expecting smash-mouth football on Sunday as the Oakland Raiders clash with the Kansas City Chiefs?

You bet. The type of scoring that the Oakland Raiders have been doing looks better than the scores during two of the best years in Raider history.

If you look back at the data you will certainly be encouraged. Here is a partial list of data for 2001 and 2002.

Year 1 Year 2 3 14 -3 13 24 27 7 18 5 -15 10 -6 10 -10 10 -3 10 24 -7 7 10 21 18 6 7 20 7 -6 -6 12 -2 24  

During two of the best years in Oakland Raiders history at no time was there ever a 75 point differential for two consecutive games.

If the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs is compared to a gang fight between two of the most aggressive teams in the AFC, then expect it to play out with power and passion.

You can imagine the Oakland Raiders saying, "Ain't no way we are going to let the Kansas City Chiefs break the upswing trend to defeat opponents."

One thing I remember about a retired player was the tag of "most feared wide receiver." His eyes, they were powerful and his stare made you believe that he was fearless. He had a powerful expression in his eyes, and since the eyes are the window to the soul, many of us believed you could see something in his eyes.

So, let these young Oakland Raiders have a fearless stare in their eyes. Let them have a bold and fearless countenance on the playing field.

Watch out Kansas City Chiefs, a fearless, forceful and fiery team will play hard. They will be better than their forefathers or better than the best.

Go Raiders, go! Where? To the endzone, where else?

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