Oakland Raiders Have a Tough Task in Tackling the Dallas Cowboys

If you look at the names of the teams, you can say that they are symbolically matched, man to man. The Cowboys will tangle with the Raiders, and who is to say that the Raiders won't win in their first preseason game.

I know that you have looked at the win-loss record of both teams:

Cowboys   11-5

Raiders     5-11

My strong imagination says that the data needs to be flipped with respect to the x-axis, so that the Oakland Raiders end up with an 11-5 season. Then my vivid imagination says to flip the data with respect to the y-axis, and again you can get an outcome of 11-5 for the Raiders.

In the physical world an actual flip of an object requires a lot of force and energy. Flipping and landing on your feet is a difficult task for many young athletes.

Similarly, the first game of the preseason will be a challenging one between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. A victory, however, can be attained, and a surprise can be accomplished to start off the 2010 season with a ray of hope.

Some of us want to think that the 2010 roster of 53 men will have the energy, smarts, and preparation to win the very first game of the preseason. That game may not count for the overall record for 2010, but it can count towards uplifting the morale and spirit of the Raider Nation.

So, the Oakland Raiders are expected to be hard-hitting and effective during the preseason game in Dallas on Aug. 12. Some students say that with Richard Seymour on the Raiders' defense, the Raiders can pull it off and win.

What do you think? Now these same students say that the preseason games don't count that much, but they admit that a win in the first game of the preseason can definitely boost the morale of the fanbase.

Go Raiders! Raider Nation expects a boost!

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