Oakland Raiders Have a Sound of Success, Both Crisp and Focused

Moving the Oakland Raiders from potential energy to kinetic energy is the job of Hue Jackson. From reports in the media, Jackson is doing his job, talking a lot, and making a sound of success.

The tone out there on the practice field is crisp and focused, with Jason Campbell throwing what one commentator described as crisp and focused passes.

The idea is to simulate and practice to the tone of what the players will experience in a real game. Of course, they may have pushed this idea to the edge because a few complaints have been lodged against the Oakland Raiders. Some folks are saying the practice exercises are "too violent."

In either case, the Oakland Raiders are working harder than usual, and there is a "different atmosphere" and a competitive environment out there on the practice field.

Some may say that Jackson is talking "smack," but that smack is making the players improve their act!

Described as a lot more vocal, making more noise on the practice field, it is all a good thing. The sound of success is a sound of life, hope, and expectation that the 2010 season is going to be a lot different from 2009.

Sounds have tones, and tones can be flat or sharp. Let's just say that the sound of success is sharp, focused, and in tune with the sound of victory, a sound that easily can be measured in decibels to indicate the intensity and progress anticipated in 2010.

Go Raiders!

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