Oakland Raiders: Has One Man Caused a Storm? Was JaMarcus The Jonah?

This article was published sometime ago. Now, I want to ask you:

Was JaMarcus Russell the Jonah who caused the storm?

Is there more to it than just getting rid of one man?


Here is the story from the archives:

Was there a storm raging, Raider Nation and Oakland Raiders?

Let's just say we are on a ship, going somewhere.

Suddenly a storm forms.

Our ship, the Oakland Raiders, is rocking, rolling, and reeling on the water.

Why, we ask?

Might there be Jonahs on our ship, our team?

Yes, they are good people, but, for some reason we do not fully understand, they seem to be the cause of a storm, of sort.

We search and look to gauge what they believe about our beloved Oakland Raiders.

Hum, we find the Jonahs asleep (taking it easy and not working hard) in the bottom of the ship.

We come to realize the Jonahs are our problem.

They too, are destined to go somewhere, but not where we are going.

Well, I don't think the historical Jonah jumped off the ship, rather the crew (say our Raider Nation) helped him a bit. We dumped them off, metaphorically, by refusing to listen to their doubts.

Once they are dumped, they land in a deep, dark place in the belly of a great fish. Don't get upset. They survive and the fish becomes their ship and at the right place and time, the Jonahs arrive where they belong.

Sure, the Oakland Raiders have hit a few bumps over the years. But, who hasn't?

Those challenges (or bumps) can be a good thing, causing the tough guys to pump it up and put more energy into the game.

Playing smarter and harder is a simple way to put it.

Once we all get it, that we must pump up the energy to cheer the Raiders to victory, we just might get there, to a place...

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