Oakland Raiders Happy Days Are Here Again: Al Davis, Are You Loving It?

The first five minutes were exciting and powerful. Did it stop? No.

Two touchdowns in a matter of minutes.

The Oakland Raiders kept the touchdowns coming until they broke the franchise record. Wow!

I don't know exactly what made the difference, but a lot of us are grateful that the performance was superb.

This game may have given a few people a near heart attack. I was braced for it. I knew it could happen.

Let's just say that I felt it. So, I did a few unusual things and put some positive vibes out into the atmosphere as I am certain many others did, and the team broke many records and made history.

It was the 100th game. The fact that the Raiders have defeated the Denver Broncos on that numbered encounter is a powerful statement of redemption for the value of the franchise. It is a redemptive move for the spirit of the Raider Nation.

So many young people have questioned the loyalty that some of us have to the Oakland Raiders. Now, let them re-think their position.

Join us. Rejoice with us. Happy days are here, again. Go Raiders! Keep it up!

Jason Campbell got his groove on. Wide receivers were holding on to balls. It was fantastic.

Darren McFadden was the MVP. It was great!

Got to go now and do my dance.

Maybe we'll try a stomp dance like the college kids do.

Maybe we'll try a line dance like the kids do at parties.

Maybe I'll do a holy dance.

Whatever dance we do, let's dance the night away.


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