Oakland Raiders: Great Minds Think Alike

Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach or repeat a lesson in order to assure comprehension and retention. This idea is applied to the Oakland Raiders.

A few good grades on draft choices and releasing some players is good, but more lessons need to be learned. A lesson on harmony and on being of the same mind might help synchronize the actions and reactions of the Oakland Raiders.

The Article

Harmony is a beautiful concept. In music, it can take different forms. In professional football there are concepts and forms.

In a jazz ensemble, every man improvises and plays his instrument with a unique expression, stream of musical notes and rhythm. In professional football, each player has a unique nonverbal expression, stream of movements, and rhythm.

The other jazz musicians improvise in their unique way. Overall, you get a wonderful experience. There is diversity and there is harmony, all interfacing to make a rich sound in the ears and mind of the listener.

Athletics, too, has a harmony. Each man playing in his position, in his own style, and in his own way. As we take a global view, there is also harmony and some type of synchronization to make it all happen.

The Oakland Raiders are working on that harmony. The players are getting to know each other. The nonverbal can enhance the experience on the playing field. Few words are spoken, but many moves are made.

The grand idea is that the quarterback ought to have the same mind as the wide receiver, almost predicting the receiver's position so that the ball falls near enough to his gifted hands.

Conversely, the receiver needs to have the same mind as the quarterback, making his way to the right place, at the right time to grab that football and gallop like a gazelle to the end zone.

If necessary, that gazelle-like runner may demonstrate a "pronking" or vertical jump over defensive players who are in his way...

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