Oakland Raiders Go from Good, Better, Best and San Diego Chargers Put to Rest

There's no doubt about it. The Oakland Raiders have given folks something to talk about.

Naysayers are surprised. Media personalities are stunned. Opponents are shaking in their boots because they know that there will be no easy wins when they play the Oakland Raiders.

While in Reston, Va., I was so proud of our team that I told some friends to take me to Champp's, a sports-oriented restaurant in Virginia.

I saw the Oakland Raiders banner hanging on the wall in the restaurant among 31 other banners for NFL teams.

Pride and poise is what I felt when I looked at the banner.

The Oakland Raiders did it. They pulled themselves together and functioned well enough to get a solid victory. The difference was made in the fourth quarter.

It was a style that we all remember. Mustering up the strength, determination and ability to win the game after a "see-saw" type scoring pattern with the opponent.

Most of all, it was wonderful to see a "hex" or stronghold broken, a pattern of losses interrupted to demonstrate that enough was enough.

It must have gotten through to the young Oakland Raiders that they could not bear to lose the game.

So, they believed they could win. They won.

Now that a new pattern is set in place, a new trend is expected. It happened on 10/10/10.

Two consecutive wins would be the next milestone.

Can the Oakland Raiders do it? Yes.

Go Raiders!


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