Oakland Raiders: Gimme a Refund So We Can Pay a Player Who Will Give Us Victory

Years ago I never worried about returning to a store to get a refund on a malfunctioning or broken product. Well, it's about Al Davis and others getting a refund from JaMarcus Russell.

There ought to be a strong correlation between big salaries and effectiveness of an NFL player during an actual game during the regular season.

Otherwise, it is like a con man who sells you a television, and shows you a beautiful new one.

Then, when you meet him around the corner and get the big box that supposedly contains your new television, you get a big surprise.

The box is filled with sawdust and not a beautiful, functioning television.

Can you get a refund in that case? Probably not. But, you at least learn a lesson.

What is the lesson? Check out the product before the purchase. Do you get my drift?

Now that the economy is misbehaving, my friends and I often talk about how many times we return to a department store, fast-food restaurant, or even return stuff ordered on the Internet.

It's clear to most of us. If you can not do the job, do not take the job. If, also, the product malfunctions or does not function, ask for a refund.

If you take the job, and then realize that you can't do the job, then quit the job.

Some failures are because of the structure and design. Some failures are because of the incompetent people who man the job.

In either case, since so many people are affected by the performance of some people's jobs, it just makes sense that if you fall short, then give back what you have not earned.

Look at it like this: If you let a person who was selected because of his college performance keep money that was paid to him with the anticipation of performance that exceeds his college days and makes the Oakland Raiders win, then you are paying him for one thing only— his college performance.

Some failures ar...

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