Oakland Raiders: Getting To Know You

Some Oakland Raiders get more exposure than others. Here is a list of players who are on the 2010 roster. Let's get to know a little more about them.

The target group for this article are those players from colleges in Louisiana, Texas, and California.

Why those three states? No reason but one. Years ago the migration pattern for people looking for opportunities was the following:

Folks moved from the farmland and swamp land of Louisiana to spacious Texas.

Folks moved from the wild, wild, west of Texas to the wild, wild west of California.

So, logical or not, the schools who produced some of the Oakland Raiders are the following:

Louisiana Tech

Texas-El Paso


Texas A & M





San Diego State

Fresno State

Here are the players that the Raider Nation need to know more about:

Hiram Eugene

J. Higgins

J. Holland

Lamarr Houston

Thomas Howard

Shane Lechler

Jonathan Holland

Michael Huff

Stanford Routt

This is the list of players from colleges in Texas and Louisiana. Another article will focus on the players from California.

The tally reveals that nine players are from Texas and Louisiana colleges and universities, and seven are from California colleges and universities.

Now the outstanding players get more press than the others. Also, the players with problems or social issues are also written about more frequently.

It seems there is more noise made for certain types of players, and a "deadly silence" for those who seem to "hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil," so to speak.

Let's change the patterns of recognition. Let's spend more time getting t...

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