Oakland Raiders Getting Better The Al Davis Way

There is a buzz around Oakland and it's much different than in years past. The Raider Nation seems to have high hopes and a much better attitude after all the offseason moves the Raiders have made.

The coaches and the players all seem to have a very positive outlook on the season. Talking to the players and coaches, nobody would guess that they were coming off their seventh consecutive season of losing 11 games or more.

Fans were upset at Al Davis for putting the Raiders in a hole and they blamed him for the bad moves he's made to set the Raiders back. Some fans left for new teams, some spent thousands on billboards to show their frustration.

The Raiders have made many offseason moves that have pleased the fans and have surprised the media. During the draft, people joked that someone didn't wake Davis up for the first two rounds.

The Raiders had arguably their best draft since . . . 2007.

While they did release JaMarcus Russell their first overall pick, they still managed to find Zach Miller, Michael Bush, Mario Henderson and Johnnie Lee Higgins. Four of those players have a very good shot at starting on offense.

Not only did the Raiders have a successful draft, but they also acquired a new starting quarterback in Jason Campbell. Aside from that, they have added some more veterans to the defensive side of the ball with Kamerion Wimbley and Quentin Groves.

While everyone is giving Al Davis credit for letting these moves happen, they seem to forget that these moves are Al Davis moves.

Al Davis loves bringing in former first round players. Campbell and Wimbley were both first rounders that weren't having success with their former teams. Campbell is the big quarterback with the big arm that Davis loves and Wimbley is a big and strong athlete that Davis always wants on the team.

Groves was a second round pick but he is another great athlete...

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