Oakland Raiders Getting a Treat: Entourage’s Sasha Grey to Watch Halloween Game

Sasha Grey most definitely reigns as the true starlet of "Hot Hollywood."

Of course, many of you sugary Glam Girls know Sasha as Vincent Chase's saucy girlfriend on Entourage. Though Ms. Grey may portray the ultimate bad girl behind the camera, when the lens closes, she's your super-sweet girl next door. Sasha comes across with a demure demeanor, shining contrary to images we've seen in the past. Don't believe me? Well, when we asked about her Halloween plans...remiss to say we we were absolutely caught off-guard. The fabulous Bay Area native will spend her Halloween where any glitter-star should be, at the football stadium. A die-hard NFL fan, she calls the Bears "her team," but never forgets where she came from. "I love the Raiders," she told us at the launch of Ubisoft’s “Just Dance 2” in Los Angeles this week. We spoke exclusively with the star, and talked absolute shop, as in NFL and Giants baseball shop. Miss Grey also spilled her Dancing With the Stars wish list. Ultra-brilliant! Ultra-fabulous! Ultra-Glam!  

AM: Halloween plans? Anything spectacular and amazing?

SG: "I'm actually going to be DJing so it's between that and going to a Raiders game."

AM: Are you a Raiders fan?

SG: "I'm actually a Bears fan. I have respect for the Raiders and I grew up in Northern California. The Raiders have an insane fanbase, and I think it would be really fun to go to a game in Oakland, and my cousin is a big guy so he can act as my security for the day."

AM: Are you a baseball fan? Are you watching the playoffs?

SG: "I'm going for the Giants. I'm northern California, always. Well, aside from my football, because I go for the Bears."

AM: Obviously you're a music fan. What's your favorite music to dance to?

SG: "Right now, Dirty Diana."

AM: If you could play the "Just Dance 2" game, and dance against one of the professionals ...

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