Oakland Raiders Gaining Fire, Passion, Accuracy and Fearlessness

One by one, the great senior Oakland Raiders are leaving us. It's time to impart the talent of those men to this generation of Oakland Raiders.

There are so many to remember. Most recently George Blanda passed away. It took a few weeks but finally some type of change overtook the young Oakland Raiders and they are making the Raider Nation proud to be Raider fans.

Before Blanda there was Jack Tatum. There are others but the list would be too long.

Some of the retired players have slowed down physically, but they perk up when you mention the 2010 team. Their swagger has a lot more rhythm to it now that the young guys have made history by defeating the opponents by a differential of 75 points in two consecutive games.

Let's have a little fun, but let's also sprinkle at little depth in it. An "impartation" is the passing of the anointing of a forefather to the next generation.  It happened between Elijah and Elisha. Of course the young man, Elisha studied the behaviors of his forefather, and he desired to continue his work. Elisha received the gift of Elijah and he received it in a double portion.

So it seems the younger Raiders are lined up to catch hold of a winning spirit, a fearless countenance, and a stellar record of achievements.

It's important that the new trend has already started. It certainly indicates that some of the senior Oakland Raiders who are still in pretty good condition can jump, yell, and shout as the 2010 Oakland Raiders knock the socks off their opponents.

So much action is expected in the Nov. 7 game, that shoes may pop off, helmets may flip up and off, and a full stadium of fans will probably make more noise than a sonic boom.

Go Raiders, go! Receive the gift, passion and power of the forefathers and run, run, run to the end zone. Touchdowns, that's what we want to hear!


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