Oakland Raiders: Four Great Moves the Raiders Should Make Right Now

There has been quite a whirl of ideas by Raiders fans on how to turnaround the club after seven years of waiting to see the Raiders head in the right direction.

Here though are four moves that the Raiders could make this offseason in order to contend in the AFC West in 2010.


1. Acquire defensive-tackle Albert Haynesworth from Washington

Recently, I wrote an article in which I said that the Raiders could swap Richard Seymour for Albert Haynesworth of Washington.

Most readers seemed to agree that Haynesworth would be a great addition, but would want to keep Seymour.

Though this idea may be wishful thinking, I started to think that the Raiders could trade either Kirk Morrison OR Thomas Howard (one or the other) and perhaps a fifth round pick for Haynsworth, as the Redskins will now need another linebacker to convert from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4; a move which has made Haynesworth discontent.

Also, much of the guaranteed money has already been paid to Haynesworth.


2. Trade down in first round of Draft with Baltimore for LT Jared Gaither

This move would save the Raiders' second round pick and would allow the Ravens to select safety Eric Berry. 

Ravens safety Ed Reed has contemplated retirement due to injury.

The Raiders would then be able to select an offensive lineman such as Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Iupati, Rodger Saffold, or even Bruce Campbell.

With this move however, the Raiders could fill two needs without much cost, and the deal would be good for both sides.


3. Load up on offensive lineman

Obviously, adding Haynesworth and Seymour is not likely a long-term solution, but would be great for the immediate future.

Nevertheless, a long-term solution for the Raiders is to groom a stout offensive line.  Assuming that the Raiders can acquire...

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