Oakland Raiders: Four Big Trades to Consider

At this point of the offseason most of the big name players are signed out of free agency and the draft was six weeks ago. 

The Raiders, especially Tom Cable, have shot down reports/rumors that they were interested in Terrell Owens, the biggest free agent remaining, and they don't seem interested in OT Flozell Adams either.

So how can the Raiders add any more talent to the current roster? It's simple, trades!

Don't be surprised to see Al Davis strike a deal for a big star and give up a first round pick in 2012. Davis has been involved in some of the NFL's biggest trades in recent years: Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall, and Richard Seymour.

So who could the Raiders add to help out? Let's look at a few possibilities.


Disgruntled Colts  

In Indianapolis, everything except Peyton Manning's neck is falling apart. 

Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis are both holding out from OTAs for new contracts.  The checkbook of Al Davis could be a part of a sign-and-trade deal, which is how they acquired DeAngelo Hall.

Reggie Wayne would be the Raiders instant go-to guy and a mentor to the kids on the roster, and Robert Mathis would solidify the Raiders D-line.

The only problem is that Tom Cable has made it clear that players only interested in a payday, not gameday, aren't welcome on the roster.


Darrelle Revis

Many first thoughts to this idea may be, "Hell No! Not another D-Hall."

Revis has established himself in the league of Nnamdi Asomugha. Together they would be the NFL's best corner tandem instantly. 

The Raiders could use help at CB. Chris Johnson is good, but his weaknesses are exploited because of how often he is targeted. 

The Raiders have potential in Stanford Routt and Walter McFadden, but Revis is a star now, not a developmental project. Ru...

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