Oakland Raiders: Five QBs in Camp, Only One Legitimate Starter!

The great offseason the Oakland Raiders are having has stirred optimism within Raider Nation. The fans are more excited this year than they have been in nearly a decade, and rightfully so. A great draft provided some nice talent in positions of need. Middle linebacker, defensive tackle, cornerback, and offensive tackle were all addressed. The undrafted free agent period provided even more depth on the offensive line and in the linebacking corps. That said, the offseason move that has Raider fans all atwitter is the trade with the Washington Redskins to acquire quarterback Jason Campbell. The team quickly signed Campbell to a contract extension that will keep him in Oakland through the 2011 season, and most Raider fans are ecstatic! This acquisition means the Raiders have five quarterbacks on the roster for organized team activities and training camp. Since most teams only carry three quarterbacks into the regular season, it's safe to assume that at least two of these five men are going to be cut by opening day. This slide show will look at each quarterback, analyze their career, and attempt to predict who will be cut, who will stay, and who will start. Let's get to it...Begin Slideshow


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