Oakland Raiders First Quarter Awards, Suprises, and Disappointments

Hello again Raider Nation! I hope you all are feeling well this fine day.

The first quarter of the 2010 season is over, and the Raiders, despite showing improvement on offense and sporadically on run defense, find themselves with the same 1-3 record they had at this time in 2009.

Apparently Coach Cable's assessment that the Raiders were "one competent quarterback away from being a playoff team" was a little simplistic, as we no longer have JaMarcus Russell, yet we are still struggling to win games.

But one cannot deny that this offense is more impressive and effective than in years past. Although I know we'd all be feeling better if our improved offensive numbers had translated into more victories, there is no denying that this team looks better while losing.

That, however, means jack squat to Raider Nation, Raider players, or the rest of the NFL. It's wins that matter, and by that measure, the Raiders are no further ahead this season than last.

Solace can be taken in that we deserved the Cardinals game; but reality must be faced in that we lost it.

Seabass missed that field goal; it's reality, and we're 1-3 instead of 2-2.

Here are some awards, surprises, and disappointments from the first quarter of the Oakland Raiders' 2010 season.

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