Oakland Raiders Finally Release JaMarcus Russell

I said it wouldn't happen, but I stand corrected —and elated!

ESPN and the NFL Network are now reporting that the Oakland Raiders have released former No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell. This move doesn't surprise too many people, but I certainly was a little shocked. Not because I think Russell deserves to remain on the roster, but because I thought Al Davis wasn't willing to give up on him just yet.

I was wrong, and thrilled to be so!

Russell has never come close to living up to the expectations that are placed on all No. 1 picks. He held out of preseason camp as a rookie (where he often arrives overweight and out of shape) and he has shown not a modicum of interest in perfecting his craft.

His career stats were less than pedestrian: 25 starts, a record of 7-18, 52.1 percent completion percentage, 18 touchdowns, 23 interceptions, 25 fumbles, and a career passer rating of 65.2.

With numbers like these, it's a wonder he lasted this long.

Russell now becomes the fastest No. 1 overall pick to get cut by the team that drafted him. Previous record holder Jeff George must feel a little better today. He was cut by the Colts after just four years; Russell beat that by an entire season.

This may be the only record JaMarcus Russell will ever hold.

It was reported that Al Davis hadn't released the quarterback thus far because he wanted to take one more look at him during last week's mini-camp. Russell looked pretty good on Friday, but regressed greatly the following two days. Apparently, Davis has seen enough.

Davis will have paid Russell $36 million for three years of sub-standard service. That's good "work" if you can find it!


What does this mean for the team, Al Davis, and Oakland fans alike?

1. For the team, this move pretty much ends the debate of who will be starting for the Raiders next season. Jason Campbell...

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