Oakland Raiders Finally Have Their Stars Aligned

Every day I seem to wake up and hear something that could have a positive effect for the Raiders season in 2010.

I was already optimistic about the Raiders getting off to a good start this year for many reasons: The schedule is kind, and may get even more kind if there is a Chris Johnson holdout or Vince Young suspension come week one in Nashville.

With the Rams, Cardinals and Texans on tap for the next three games, you have a rookie QB, no Kurt Warner, Karlos Dansby or Anquan Boldin, and a suspended Brian Cushing.

4-0 seems very possible!

Now for the news that made me feel even better today. It seems as though the San Diego Chargers feel they can win without their best receiver and starting left tackle.

According to a report I watched on the NFL Network this morning, Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill have not signed their tenders.

What this means is that if they were to not be able to work out extensions the players would have to play the season for $600,000. Or they could wait until week 11 and get $200,000 and not lose the year of service time.

It appears as though both the Chargers and the players are willing to roll the dice and see who blinks first.

Whatever the outcome, this is again a positive happening for the Oakland Raiders. Even if the Chargers do manage to get both these guys in the fold, the distraction and resentment is sure to have a negative effect on the team.

Meanwhile, in Raiderland, the team has shown a unity and focus not seen in a long time. The AFC West is changing right before our eyes.

The Chargers are showing those little signs of disfunction that will eventually snowball. The Broncos are a complete mess under Josh McDaniels, who is trying to be the smartest guy in the room rather than going with what has been proven to work.

Only the Chiefs have had even close to as good an off-season as the Raider...

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