Oakland Raiders Final Five Minutes: The Range of Emotions

As some of you who read my weekly Pressures, Hurries, and Knockdowns column may know, I was unable to watch football for much of this past Sunday. My wife and daughter were returing from a trip to Disney World in Florida, which I was unable to attend due to work commitments (mainly not having any vacation time left for the year).

I do not own a cell phone or a laptop computer, and my father was driving to Toronto in his old beater which wouldn't even recognize Satellite radio if it bit it in the bumper. With he being even more technologically deficient than I am, and living in Eastern Ontario, Canada, there were no updates for the game readily available.

I was on the road from 12-7:30, meaning I missed the entirety of the early slate and, so I thought, the duration of the later games as well.

I steeled myself for the score, but felt that my Raiders were in a good position to win this game. Being that we had to win this game, I had faith, and didn't want the crushing disappointment of reading the crawl and seeing a 14th straight loss to "Corky" Rivers and his Sunshine gang.

Imagine my surprise when I come home to discover that, due to a wild and wooly game where much craziness had ensued, there's still almost five full minutes left for me to watch! And my beloved Raiders are down 27-22 to the hated Chargers, but driving with a chance to take the lead!!

Hastily explaining the situation, and apologizing to my wife and daughter for ditching them after devoting a whopping five quality non-travel minutes to them after a week apart, I ran downstairs to my man cave and threw the game on.

Jason Campbell is starting? Where's Bruce, I thought? Probably hurt, based on his shoulder last week and our O-line. And yes, he was. But I digress.

The play I came in on was the Brett Myers completion. I lost it; I'm losing it as we're driving to take the lead. I can taste it; we need it so badly. I don't k...

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