Oakland Raiders Fans: We Want Terrell Owens

A couple of days ago I wrote an article titled Who Should Sign Terrell Owens . The article was syndicated on Bleacher Report and received a lot of positive feedback. One thing that struck me was how badly Oakland Raiders fans wanted Terrell Owens on their team.

In past years, things would have been quite the opposite. For most of Owens' career the media successfully cast him as villain. Fans would literally protest at the thought of bringing Owens to their team. On the 49ers, Owens divided the locker room against Jeff Garcia, who oddly was ousted from the Raiders in favor for JaMarcus Russell in his last NFL spot.

On the Eagles, he was ousted in favor of Donovan McNabb, after returning from breaking his leg in only three weeks to put up an all-time great Super Bowl performance. Owens' next stop was the Cowboys who scapegoated Owens after they failed to meet expectations. Finally, he spent an uneventful year in Buffalo, putting up five touchdowns with Ryan Fitzpatrick as his primary quarterback... and he didn't even make a peep about it.

Raiders fans could have a point. There is no leadership in their receiving corps. Tim Brown is not walking back through that door. Jerry Rice might, but you might not want to see what he has to offer at this age. T.O. would give the Raiders a true No. 1 target and allow speedster Darius Heyward-Bey to operate as a third receiver.

Will Al Davis bring in T.O.? There is not an immediate indication he will, but Raider fans would love for it to happen.

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