Oakland Raiders Fans Try To See the Bright Side of the 53-Man Roster

Everybody is going to have their own opinion of who should have been cut and who should be kept on the 53-man roster for the Oakland Raiders.

It's clear that you can't please everybody. 

I personally liked Colt Brennan, but the performance of Kyle Boller is what shifted my opinion. It's good to see that the Oakland Raiders have a good group of quarterbacks.

Now is the time for the wide receivers to come up to par. Clumsy and careless mistakes will not be tolerated.

Now, after reading a few articles, it just seems a bit premature to decide that the decisions to cut certain players were nonsensical.

Here is my opinion. The coaches and staff have looked at the players from every direction. Their statistics, physicals, and other attributes have been studied almost 24 hours and every day that they played or worked out with the team.

Except for a few B/R writers and professional sportswriters who were out there on the field watching and scoping the situation, most observers have had a limited view. The slice of the picture that we see is somewhat truncated.

During the regular season, however, we are going to be able to watch the starters, and then make some sound judgements about the decisions made during the past few days.

Some of us are going to look harder than others, but one thing most of us know, criticism will be posted.

If mistakes were made, those mistakes are going to be magnified.

In the meantime, let's give the coaches and staff a little room and space to exercise their judgement.

Here's hoping that wise decisions were made today.

The Jay Richardson cut surprised many of us. Time will tell if there is a gap created by his removal from the team.

Finally, could the Oakland Raiders have kept Colt Brennan with the group of quarterbacks who had chances to play a bit more during preseason? I guess not.<...

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