Oakland Raiders Fans Say ‘Color Us Crazy,’ but We Love Our Team

Hue Jackson has been bold enough to state his vision. He says, "Call him crazy." Why? He believes that the Oakland Raiders can make it to the Super Bowl. He has written his vision, and now he is going to aggressively pursue it.

It makes sense to set expectations high. It requires a high level of commitment to stay focused on such a high goal for the team. Any vision lower than the Super Bowl will not inspire optimal performance from the Oakland Raiders. "Aim High" was a motto of one of the branches of the military, and perhaps Hue Jackson knows that.

Most of all, we need to stand with the head coach in our belief that the team can achieve the stated goal. Sometimes players perform more consistently when they are convinced that the fans care about excellence in their performance. Let's just say that the players need someone to play for, or someone to live for on the playing field.

Remarkable things can be accomplished when you realize that you must perform at a high level because someone you love or respect is expecting excellence from you. The Oakland Raiders drive will increase if the fans show up publicly at the stadium and at the events to demonstrate their love and belief in the 2011 team.

I read the article which reported that Hue Jackson said, metaphorically, "Call me crazy." It simply points out that Hue Jackson would rather fall short of the highest attainment of winning a Super Bowl, rather than fall short of something lesser.

Do you believe in the Oakland Raiders? Please say YES.

One song comes to mind, "I believe the Oakland Raiders can fly. I believe the Oakland Raiders can touch the sky (the Super Bowl). Think about it every night and day..."

Play ball, Oakland Raiders. Feel as free and confident, and swiftly move toward the Super Bowl in 2011.



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