Oakland Raiders’ Fans: Now That JR Is Gone, Let Him Go, Walk On By

I can't tell you what to do, but my gang and I are moving on. I'm going to make this article short and sweet.

It's like the words of Dionne Warwicks' song, "Walk On By."

Move on, Raider Nation, move on.

One friend said, "He's gone now, leave him alone."

Let's talk about the new players and hope they do better. That's the past, we have to live for the future of the entire team.

It's like a man who divorces a woman who he thought would never make it without him. He keeps running her down in words, when the truth is that he left, and God let her survive.

How do I know? I know someone who made it in life, even after she was so-called fired or cut from her team.

Let's title more articles with the names of the present players on the Oakland Raiders' roster.

As someone said, "He's gone now, so turn that page over...."

(I intentionally did not write his name....You know who I am talking about)

Forget about him, and let's go Raiders!


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