Oakland Raiders’ Fans Have a Vision of Victory

Recovery of all types is a step by step process.

Recovery for the Oakland Raiders is no less difficult than the recovery of anyone who is addicted to low achievement and a fall from grace.

The challenge, however, is to find the step by step process that will lead the failed circumstances back to a victorious level. 

It may be that a 21 step program similar to the Alcoholic Anonymous plan which has been adapted to other types of addictive behaviors is also adaptable to breaking the pattern of failures for the Oakland Raiders.

Sure, some progress has been made, and our past seven years will always stare us in the face. Those were the drunken years.

But, we want a new life for the Oakland Raiders. We want a type of sobriety.

We want abstinence from losing so many games during the regular season.

I am writing this article on the property that several of my consultants and I desire to designate as a historical location in the Golden Triangle.

A few days ago, it was discovered that one of the great high school and college coaches, Alex Durley, lived a few blocks from 2728 Goliad.

Once the historical document is prepared, at least two coaches from the Golden Triangle will definitely be included. They are Clifton Ozen and Alexander Durley who coached many of the 16 NFL players who were honored in 1971. An Oakland Raider was listed among those honorees.

Heritage is important.

Our job is to honor and respect the accomplishments of earlier generations of Oakland Raiders. And connections between the foundation given to the Oakland Raiders and the foundation on which they now stand are a part of a continuum.

It may be necessary to study the earliest training and character of those in the Oakland Raider lineage as far back as their high school and college training.

It simply means that something can be lea...

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