Oakland Raiders Fan Almost Fainted, Now Sees Light at End of Tunnel

I don't know about you, but I almost fainted or at least lost hope because of this complicated NFL lockout drama.

Something great happened on July 11, 2011, the first day of class, and now I hope others are encouraged.

After looking at the 2011 schedule, I noticed that the Oakland Raiders will play the Houston Texans on my birthday, October 9.

Since my favorite team is the Oakland Raiders, I certainly was hoping to get to the game—it would be so much fun to see Jacoby Ford catch that ball and get a touchdown, somewhat like he did in 2010.

It would also be great to see Mario Henderson on the field, since he is a Facebook friend.

Some of us could go on and on about the fun and inspiration we draw from Oakland Raiders victories.

Since I am a Texan who is a Raiders fan, I consider myself fortunate because of what happened on that first day of class.

A young man asked to speak with me after class, so we went to the math lab to talk. He works for the Houston Texans, and after the conversation, I was convinced that I needed to keep up with the Texans while I also kept track of the Raiders' growth and progress.

How lucky I consider myself to be after meeting with that student.

He promised me he was going to do well in the math class, and I encouraged him to learn enough math and statistics to analyze Texans data as I often analyze Raiders data.

This lockout has been messing with my spirit.

After yesterday, however, I have a renewed interest, and my spirit is uplifted. I feel that it is a part of my destiny to continue tracking the progress and careers of the young Oakland Raiders.

The young student invited me to visit the Texans' YMCA. It would be a great opportunity to see a place at which NFL players do community service and help others.

The Houston Texans YMCA is located at 5202 Griggs Road in Houston, near Martin Lut...

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