Oakland Raiders Failed Game Plan: Darren McFadden Solid Despite Bad O-Line

The Oakland Raiders offensive line looked horrific against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon in Nashville Tennessee. Darren McFadden had a total of 103 yards in the first half—the rest of the offense combined for just 33.

Great for McFadden, but not the way for a team to start a season. A lot of the weaknesses Raider Nation has been screaming about for weeks reared their ugly heads.

From my previous slide show:

"There is no way for me to know what head coach Tom Cable, offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, or defensive coordinator John Marshall are planning for any opponent. The best I can do is offer up my ideas and observations."

In the aforementioned article, I laid out a game plan that contained 10 keys to a Raider victory—five for the offense and five for the defense. The Raiders managed to achieve almost none of those. In fact, they only attempted three of them.

In this slide show, I'll revisit each of the 10 keys from my game plan article to determine where the Raiders succeeded, where they failed, and where they didn't try.

- What follows was not my game plan -

I'll be brutally honest and name names. Buckle up, because this won't be pretty.

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