Oakland Raiders’ Fabulous Females Do More Than Jumps, Splits and Dances

So many folks write about the Oakland Raiders. How many have written about the Raiderettes?

Here is an article for you to peruse. It all started when I saw a video about the Raidettes who visited our military overseas.

I know the Raiderettes are agile and rhythmic enough to jump, do splits, and dance the night away. They do more than dance and smile.

They actually do community service and public relations type work as well. Did you know that?

I did a little research and read the pdf application on a website. There are some very interesting questions on the application for young ladies above 18-years-old to answer.

Ooops! There was no upper bound on the age to apply for the position of a Raiderette. So, can someone above 30-years-old apply and be seriously considered?

Why did I pick 30-years-old? Well, it seems that Oakland Raiders who are near or above 30-years-old are considered senior citizen NFL players. So, certainly there is an implied upper limit on the age of the Raiderettes, although it is not mentioned in the application.

Challenge me! Do you know the upper limit for age for those interested in becoming a Raiderettte?

Don't worry, I am not going to apply. Even when I thought I might have had what it took to become a cheerleader, I never tried out for it. At best, during football season at my very small high school, I carried one of the flags. Boring, huh?

One thing that you need when you apply is a driver's license. The application even asks if you have a passport. That alone let me know that international travel must be a part of the itinerary for the Raiderettes.

Let me be a cheerleader and cheer some of you to apply for the very interesting job.

Here is the link , if you are interested and you think you have what it takes to become a finalist.

Go Raiders! Go Raiderettes!



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