Oakland Raiders Exposed: They’re Not Ready for Prime Time Yet

The Oakland Raiders have no prime time games this year. They're rarely picked as the game to be shown across the nation on Sundays, and their 35-3 showing against the Steelers showed why they shouldn't be.

The Oakland Raiders went into the game with a three-game winning streak and tied for first place in the AFC West. But the Raiders showed the nation that they are not yet ready for prime time because they can't compete with elite teams.

This was the first real test of the season for the Raiders, as they've accumulated their 5-4 record against mediocre and bad teams so far. This coming after being beaten by average and bad teams to begin the year.

Even though they came off a bad showing against the Patriots, the Steelers aren't bad or average. They are an elite NFL team that came out ready to take last week's embarrassment out on the Raiders.

The whipping the Raiders took on Sunday exposed every open wound the Raiders have put a band-aid on. These wounds will keep the Raiders from competing with elite teams until they are addressed.

There are some key injuries as well.

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